Tamiya Bell X-1
Do I really need to tell you that Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in this aircraft on October 14, 1947? Probably not - I think even my cats know that tidbit of information....
I've always liked the scheme 6062 wore for it's final flights so this is how I finished it. Tamiya's kit is from the old "Hobby Spot U" moulds and goes together well with the exception of the windscreen which required a lot of filling, sanding and polishing to sort out.
Full internal details are supplied and there are optional clear fuselage halves to show them off if you desire. These are very well done but I decided to leave out the fuel and pressurisation tanks and rocket engine and save the extra fuselage for an X-1E conversion using the wings and decals from a 12 Squared kit. There are also optional parts and markings in the Tamiya kit to model any of the 3 first generation X-1s that were built - 6064's realistic exploding action is thankfully not included.
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