Marivox 1/72 FFVS J22B
Well it's Swedish, I didn't have anything Swedish in the collection and I liked it, so I built it.
Not a bad little kit. The canopy had some nasty flaws in it so I crammed it full of Milliput and used it to plunge-mould a new one from acetate.
The only other problem was the fit of the wings to the fuselage. The trailing edges hung down about 1/8" below the root on the fuselage. I used a razor saw to make cuts in the lower wing half at the root from the trailing edge to about the middle. This was glued to the fuselage first, then the upper wing halves were glued to the bottom wing half. The saw cuts allowed me to bend the trailing edges so they would mate with the wing roots on the fuselage. The cuts were later filled with Milliput.
The wheels in the kit were awful, so some leftover Hasegawa P-51 wheels were cut in half to reduce the thickness and thin sections of plastic tube were glued to the hubs. They look pretty darn close to the pictures I have of this aircraft.
Panel lines were re-scribed as they were a bit indistinct in places, pitot and gun blast tubes are from stainless steel tubing and the vanes in the wing intakes are from .005" sheet.
The decals were very strange. They went on nicely but the national insignia looked far too dark on the sheet. When applied over the dark olive paint however they actually got considerably lighter!
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