Heller 1/72 Morane Saulnier M.S. 230
This very nearly became cat food. There's a wee furry beast living with me who decided one day that he fancied a bit of fine french dining. "Ah, perhaps monsieur would like a thin waffer of Morane stabilizer deeped in a delicate coating du Polly Scale, non? C'est tres bien. Et bon appetit, monsieur chat."
And thus Keif was a very unpopular furry little fellow for many a day afterward. One stabilizer was chewed in half and the other one was missing completely. Eyeing my trusty modelling knife and without relying on a preliminary cat scan (pun intended), I gave serious consideration to performing emergency surgery right then and there but as it turned out the missing tailplane was in the vacuum cleaner courtesy of the (ex) wife. It's a conspiracy I tell ya!
The Morane languished on my workbench for several months while I pondered the feasibility of cat-apults. Sans parachute, I might add.
Eventually I grafted on a bit of plastic and a few ribs from stretched sprue to repair the damaged tailplane and finished the Morane. Nice little kit and quite easy to build. It's even house trained and doesn't chew on the other models in the display case.
Morane - 3
Cat - 0
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