Hasegawa Grumman X-29
Caution: Excessive exposure to paint and glue fumes is hazardous to your health. Imagine my horror when I roused myself from a solvent induced stupor and discovered I'd put the wings on backwards. Even worse, spare a thought for the poor aerospace engineers at Grumman when they discovered they'd put the wings on backwards. Ooops....
Alright, okay - nobody's put anything on backwards, except my shirt on more than one embarrassing occasion. The X-29 was a proof of concept aircraft built to test the capabilities of a forward swept wing. The aircraft is virtually unflyable without its triple back-up fly by wire system. In order to keep costs down, Grumman utilised the forward fuselage from an F-5A and the main landing gear from an F-16. Most of the rest of the airframe is of conventional aluminum and steel construction with the exception of the wings which are of composite materials.
Hasegawa's kit is however, genuine 100% plastic. I added stainless steel for the nose probe and photo-etched seat belt buckles but that's about it.
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