Hasegawa F-14A Tomcat
Yeah okay, I built a Tomcat. As pointy nosed fighters go the F-14 is pretty darn cool I have to admit, in spite of the fact that it was the star of a particularly awful movie co-starring Tom Cruise. For my money I'll take "The Final Countdown" over "Top Gun" for authenticity (except the "Zeros", of course) and great flying sequences any day. The ending sucked though....
Hasegawa's Tomcat is a very nice kit and goes together well despite it's complexity. I did have trouble with the fit of the forward fuselage and a fair bit of filler was needed there. I also had trouble with my roommate at the time who tried to sweep the wings forward before asking me if they moved. They didn't. Thankfully, he eventually did.
Here's the real reason I built a Tomcat. Never could find a picture of this actual aircraft so I don't even know if it really exists or not. Obviously the researchers at Hasegawa need to read more "Outland" comics as Bill the Cat should be a darker orange rather than the orange yellow of the kit decals. A close up of the Verlinden GRU-7 seats with the ejection handles made from yellow and black thread twisted together and coated with super glue. Simple yet effective and a heck of a lot easier than trying to paint those stripes!
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