Fujimi F-86 Sabre
Oooooh..... shiny. My only attempt at a bare metal finish so far, if you don't include the Midget Mustang, and I don't because it's so damn small it hardly rates as a model at all. Built right out of the box with one small exception: I modified the airbrakes so they hang down as they should, a feature that seems to be missed on many Sabre models. The finish is Testors Metalizers in both buffing and non-buffing aluminum shades. Burnt metal is used for the exhaust area. I made the mistake of using the sealer which pretty much eliminated most of the different sheens on the panels. Ah well, live and learn.
I remember reading somewhere that the "Paper Tiger" was actually an F-86F and not an F-86E (or is that the other way around?) but I'm not too concerned. I really only wanted to build this out of the box as a test for the bare metal finish and this is probably the only USAF F-86 I'll ever build anyway - in future they'll all be RCAF.
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