Esci CF-5A
Remember when you were young and foolish and you actually believed the painting instructions that came with the kit? Well this is the tragic result.
I originally started this for IPMS Vancouver's "Big Mouth" contest (see my Fujimi Skyhawk for an explanation) but as usual, didn't finish it in time. It's built out of the box but as it wasn't going to make the contest I threw in some photo etched seat belt buckles.
The recommended Humbrol paints were used and therein lies the problem. The green is way off and bears no resemblance to the dark green used on CF-5As.
Nonetheless, the CF-5A & CF-5B kits that Esci put out are outstanding models, easily rivalling anything put out by Japanese companies. Excellent detail, fine recessed panel lines and a very nice decal sheet. Optional parts are included for a recon nose (pictured) or the regular pointy nose.
The fuselage is moulded in front and rear halves in order to accomodate the two seat version in a seperate release and this is really the only fit problem in the kit. I jammed a piece of sprue in the rear fuselage to force the sides apart and it lined up with the front quite nicely.
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