Czechmaster Midget Mustang
I should have photographed this next to a "real" Mustang to give an idea of the size of this thing. They didn't call it a Midget for nothing, although I don't think they'd get away with that politically incorrect moniker in this day and age. Somehow "Vertically Challenged Mustang" just doesn't have the same ring to it.
This is the first and so far the only resin kit I've built. Nothing special about it really, but I did replace the landing gear legs with some cut from brass sheet. I just don't trust resin to keep its shape especially with load bearing things like landing gear. Granted, the load that these are carrying amounts to little more than that of a peanut, but hey, you never know.
I used SNJ to finish this. Great stuff!
The decals were printed on an Alps printer by Anders Bruun, the leader of the "Racing & Record Breaking Aircraft" SIG. Information on joining this highly recommended special interest group is available on the SIG's website.
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