Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Mk IXc
I waited many months to finally see my article on this in the pages of a major model magazine. I submitted this to Scale Aviation Modeller way back in October, 2014. After some editing and retaking the pictures it was accepted for publication and even made it to the "Coming Next Month" section. Twice. Then they had a change of editors. The article disappeared. Finally, after re-submitting it, slashing the size of the article in half and re-taking the pictures (again) to suit the new editor I was told it would be out in an upcoming issue of Model Aircraft. Not my original intention as personally I never read that magazine, but it would have to do. Finally, the July 2015 issue of said magazine arrived and I rushed out to buy a copy as soon as it hit the shops. To say I was somewhat underwhelmed would be an understatement. I was gutted. Hardly any of the 'in progress' shots were there, none of the captions to the pics were there and the article itself was so badly butchered it was barely recognisable; so poorly edited that some of the sentences didn't even make sense anymore and it was now full of spelling and grammatical errors that weren't in my original text. Needless to say, my next article will not be in the pages of SAMI or Model Aircraft.
Now I probably shouldn't reproduce the article here because it is of course now the property of Media House (though their publishing guidelines actually say I can't submit it to another magazine, they don't mention anything about websites). It could be argued that the article that was published is completely different to the one I actually wrote anyway, therefore for those who are interested, I present here the article as it should have been. Construction pics with the original captions are on the following page.
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